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Established in 1989

Taizhou Qiyou Household Goods Co., Ltd. located in the business district – Luqiao of Taizhou city, which is famous for plastics and even the famous all over the world. Our factory established in 1998 ,we focuses on manufacturing cleaning brush, broom, dustpans, bucket,squeegee, and etc., therefore becomes the first choice for cleaning tools.


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Taizhou Qiyou has its own design team to develop new products from tab, packaging, industrial design to molding design for our global clients including OEM clients. We provides high-end quality, fashion design products with a reasonable, competitive price and premium logistic tracking service for all merchandise.

  • Taizhou Qiyou Household GOODS Co., Ltd.

    Taizhou Qiyou Household Products Co., Ltd. is located in Luqiao, Taizhou Business District, with convenient transportation and developed economy. Its plastic products are famous all over the country and even all over the world. The company was established in 1998, specializing in the produc...

  • What kind of plastic wire should I use for toilet brush?

    The toilet is a place that we pay more attention to in our daily cleaning. For the darkest and damp places where all kinds of bacteria can breed, what kind of plastic wire should we use for toilet brushes? The plastic wire of the toilet brush should have good elasticity and strong vibration can a...

  • How to use a plastic broom to make it cleaner?

    Today, I would like to introduce to you the usage of plastic brooms. If they are used correctly, they will be cleaner.   1. Grip: Press the thumb of one hand on the end of the broom and hold it with the other four fingers, and hold it 30-40cm below with the other hand.   2. Posture: Lean your upp...

  • What are the precautions for using the toilet brush?

    The cleanliness of the toilet must be inseparable from the use of the toilet brush. So, what are the precautions when using a good toilet brush? Yijiajie, a wholesale toilet brush manufacturer, will teach you. 1. Every time you use the toilet brush, you must rinse it with clean water in time, and...

  • New right animal-machine for broom & brush from ZAHORANSKY

    Z.PARD We’ll surely fall in claw with the specialist for household and hygiene brushes This is a well-bred machine with potent genes, as it is a direct descendant of the Z.TIGER. And this shows: reliable, precise, quiet – tiger qualities. We kept what we value – without driving up the pric...


  • Broom box

  • Brush

  • Broom head

  • Handle

  • The back of the broom